Upcoming Events

The Office 365 / SharePoint Online Upcoming Events WebPart is displaying the upcoming events /appointments, stored within a SharePoint Calendar list.

Have a better overview with color indicators / Categories and display informations needed for the upcoming events


WebPart Properties
Property NameDescription
Site URL Specify the full URL to the Site, serving the List.
List Name Dropdown with all available Picture Libraries within the selected/current Site.
HeaderTemplate Set the Header Template
FieldTemplate defines the Template with full HTML/CSS support, repeating for each element. ListFields are written with surrounding curly brackets.

All available Fields returns:

{Title}: Event Title,
{EventDate}: EventDate (Could be formatted within the option field),
{EventDate1}: EventDate (Could be formatted within the option field),
{EndDate}: EndDate (Could be formatted within the option field),
{id}: Item ID,
{Location}: Event Location,
{Category}: Event Category,
{Body}: Event description,
{ListName}: Calendar Listname,
{CategoryColor}: Event item category color,
[DisplayForm/Dialog]: the Display form as a Dialog for the current Item. Set a link text and close the “a” attribute with . (Classic Sites only!),
[ListURL/Dialog]: Displays the list form as a Dialog for the current Calendar. Set a link text and close the “a” attribute with . (Classic Sites only!)
FooterTemplate Will be used once at the end
No event Template define the output, if no further events are found.
Max. nbr. of words displayed how many words would be displayed from the body field.
Detail link text If the Body is truncated, it will add this text at the end.
Fields to process are also supported. I.E: [ThreadLink/Dialog](Read more…)< /a>
Nbr. of Items How many items would be displayed maximally.
Category Colors:Set your category with a color.
In Example: categoryname:color;
Category Colors Each Category will be displayed in another Color
(Example: Business:brown|fas fa-user-tie|Manager;newcategory:black;Meeting:green;Work hours:blue;Holiday:orange;Get-together:light-blue)
CSS Style Customize the look and feel.
Options -
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    Rob Ulaszek
    06/04/2020 01:01
    Is there a way to filter the events in a calendar by category - e.g. only show Category X?