Frequently Asked Questions

I have registered my Domain, but I can't see the WebPart within my SharePoint. What do I miss?

If you just have registrated your Domain, but not downloaded and installed the WebPart to be available within your Tenant, please follow these instructions:
  • Download the WebPart from our Product HomePage and extract the .zip file.
  • Upload the .sppkg file to your AppCatalog and deploy the Product to all your sites (you will be asked within a Dialog's Checkbox).
  • Now the WebPart is available to use as the normal WebParts included.
  • A more detailed instruction is availabe here: Link

    My evaluation period is expired, what to do?

    The evaluation period will work for 7 days. After that, the license could be activated again two times.
    After that a license key is needed.

    We do not work with PayPal, how do I get the license purchased?

    Get in contact with us:
    We also could generate a license key manually (for one to three years) and send a Invoice by email.
    So you could use normal bank transfer to get the license purchased.
    We also would include your details to our reminder system to get in contact with you a couple weeks before the license will expire.

    We have subscribed a WebPart with Paypal. Where do I find the license key?

    Within the email sent from paypal, you will find a Profile-ID.
    This ID is your license key to use within the WebPart.

    I do miss features / functionality within a product, how do I get these included?

    Just send us an email with your request to:
    If the functionality is a value for more customers, we would love to implement it for free.

    Get in contact with us