Birthday Reminder

This Birthday Reminder WebPart selects the forthcoming birthdays or anniversaries of users from the User Profile Store and displays the selected profile property fields in a freely configurable template.


UserProfile based Application with the capability to use Search engine, for faster results!


WebPart Properties
Property NameDescription
Operation mode
  • Birthdays: shows the employee birthdays based on the Property SPS-Birthday
  • Anniversaries: shows the employee anniversary as defined
  • Anniversary Interval set it to “999” to show all anniversary, based on the daterange, or enter a number to only show the employees, which have the set anniversary (i.E: 10 years)
    Title Set a modern WebPart title.
    HeaderTemplate Set the Header Template.
    FieldTemplate Define the Item template with HTML / CSS, as needed.
    Fields are accessible by surrounding curly brackets like: {WorkPhone} {SPS-Birthday} {SPS-Hiredate}.
    To get the anniversary year count, use: [AV]
    FooterTemplate Close all open Tags or bring a footer text to be displayed here.
    No User Template define the output, if no User is found to match your date range / settings
    Nbr. of Days to show enter the number of days into the future (starting from the current date) to include in the list.
    Nbr. of Days past enter the number of days to keep the birthday/anniversary in the list after it has passed.
    Nbr. of Items Total To limit the Items to display.
    SPS-Birthday date format verify your SPS-Birthday date format by entering a question mark to the property field options “?” and chose the correct format.
    Fast Search
    SPS-Birthday Managed Prop. Name Enter the Mapped Property, created in Search Schema (i.E: RefinableDate00)
    SPS-HireDate Managed Prop. Name Enter the Mapped Property, created in Search Schema (i.E: RefinableDate01)
    Fast Search Setup Instructions
    Sort direction Ascending/Descending
    Birthday date Format Format the Date as needed with moments.js
    Hiredate date Format Format the Date as needed with moments.js
    Documentation Link
    Date Format Locale set your location to get the correct date string (en, nl…)
    Image width if the field “PictureURL” is set, you can define the width here in pixels
    Picture source SharePoint (MySite)/Outlook
    Need to be logged in/userphoto (default)
    CSS Style Custom CSS to fit your look and feel.
    Exclusion filter Highly flexible Filter to exclude list items from view.
    example: fields[“Field to compare. like: FirstName”] Operator like (==,!=,<,>,<=,>=) “Value”
    in Example: fields[“FirstName”] != “”
    This will exclude all Users, where no FirstName is set.
    Note: All Filter Fields must be set in the FieldTemplate to be available.
    Instant Cache
    Cache retention Time (Minutes) How long the cache should be used
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