This Forms WebPart uses the selected list form to display anywhere in your Intranet.

Using available list forms and define its order to input values


WebPart Properties
Property NameDescription
Title Optional enter a Title for the displayed Form
Description Use normal Text or HTML to define a description or header Template for the Form.
Description field as HTML Objects If the description field should be rendered as HTML Objects, enable this checkbox
Site URL Specify the full URL to the Site, serving the List.
List Name Choose your List from the available DropDownList.
Form Type Currently only “News” form available, to use.
Show unsupported fields Will show you the unsupported fields within the current Form (URL).
URL to redicrect after saving (optional) Enter a redirect URL, after submitting the Form.
License Key Please enter your Paypal "Profile ID" or "Automatic payment ID" to unlock your WebPart.

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