List Search

The Office 365 / SharePoint Online List Search WebPart displays a list from another Site/SiteCollection with a search box and WebPart connection to send Items.

Make Lists / Views available from other Sites and define the fields to show.


WebPart Properties
Property NameDescription
Site URL Specify the full URL to the Site, serving the List.
List Name Choose your List from the available DropDownList
View Name Select a List View (optional)
Title Set a WebPart’s Title (optional)
FieldTemplate defines the listFields in order and renamed by a pipe character.
Example: id;Title|Object;
exclude listFields from beeing displayed, but also searchable: Set a "!" character in front of the FieldName:
Lookup fields: {FieldName:LookupFieldName}
Specials: fieldname=filter, sets the field to be a clickable filter to send to other Webparts.
=fileicon, set the proper field to be an icon
=open, will add a link on the item to open it on click
=%, will display percentual fields more correctly
[ATFjpg]=value.jpg will display the first Attachment fiel with its name value.jpg as an item (image)
Form open in Panel / Dialog / new Tab / same Tab
A-Z Fieldname Enter a field name to enable A-Z filtering
Filter fields define searchboxes to filter columns. Example: FieldName1;@FieldName2 this will create a normal text input box for list column FieldName1 and a dropdown box for list column name FieldName2.
Category field name To enable categories use a field name to filter on
Category prefix define a category value prefix (optional)
Date Format change the output string of the DateTime fields.
Custom CSS Add custom CSS to the web part / site by selector { attribute: value; }
Link Title to connected list Set the Title section with an onclick event to redirect to the connected list.
Show 'New Item' link Creates a button to create a new list item
Show record size Will show total records available at the bottom of the table.
Show only Search results Will only show a searchbox and filter the loaded data (shows only the results)
Show search box Creates an universal searchbox searching thrue all fields available
Alternate row color Set an alternate row color with names or #hex (i.E: red or blue or #ffaab1)
Default page length Set the default page length and enables pagination
enable Export to Excel Creates a button to export the table into a CSV file (Excel)
Options -
Items to display How many items should be loaded (0 - 5000)
Request Filter Filter the API request with &$filter values.
Example: FieldInternalName Operator Value ID eq 12 Firstname ne 'Jon'
Default order by column Nbr. Set the default sort column number started with zero '0', or use the display name.
Sort direction Ascending / Descending
Sort direction (Category) If Categories is enabled, define the default sort order
Sort in Category Enable to sort within the categories or disable to sort thru all the items
Table CSS
Header CSS Style the header section with css
Header Column CSS Style the header column section with css
Table Row Column CSS Style the table row column section with css
Table Row Hover CSS Style the table row column on mouse hover section with css
Table Item Column CSS Style the table item section with css
Table Item Hover CSS Style the table item on mouse hover section with css
A-Z Container CSS Style the A-Z container with css
A-Z Items CSS Style the A-Z container item with css
A-Z Items (available letters) CSS Style the A-Z container available items with css
A-Z Items (Active) CSS Style the A-Z container active items with css
Filter fields CSS Style the filter fields container with css
Buttons CSS Style available buttons with css
Category Row CSS Style category rows with css
Category Item CSS Style category items with css
Cache retention Time (Minutes) Set a cache retention time to speed up loading time and reduce API-Calls against SharePoint

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    Joe Lavia
    02/28/2019 20:12
    Hi, Is it possible to hide columns in the web part so that fields can be searched but not seen in the search results?
    03/01/2019 00:18
    Hello Joe Lavia,
    we have added the ability to exclude listFields from beeing displayed.
    Please add a "!" character in front of the fieldName: !Title;Description
    Olivier D
    07/02/2019 12:20
    Hi all.
    Is this web part compatible with the new modern Sharepoint pages ?
    02/16/2020 10:07
    Hello Oliver,

    yes it is compatible with the modern SharePoint pages.
    05/20/2020 09:35
    In my configuration I have the options for Filtering available (Request Filter [Fitler on the returned Items (Rest API Filter)]) but I can't find any documentation about it.
    Can you update this?
    Raphael Bloch
    05/20/2020 09:59

    the description is updated with additional information.
    Matthias Hummler
    05/26/2020 13:50
    Hi, is it p0ssible to attach to each searchbox on colum level the same class attribute name as the field name to address some special CSS style requirements (hide some specific column search boxes)?
    Peter Dierauer
    05/29/2020 14:14
    Does this web-part work with document libraries, filtering against a files property field?
    05/29/2020 19:18

    the web part is currently in revidsion and will be released with new functions included.
    Searchboxes can be created / defined and renamed by a separate property.
    we can send you the first beta version by email.
    06/01/2020 09:23

    it is possible to filter against list fields.
    Also within a document library, you will find some file specific fields to filter on.
    David Weyrick
    06/15/2020 16:24
    Would it be possible for the List Search web part to support conditional row formatting? Based on the value of a specific column being displayed, would color the entire row with a specific background color. This would allow data displays using the List Search web part to function similar to a SharePoint Online list view that has conditional row formatting applied (both could display the same colors).
    Raphael Bloch
    06/16/2020 08:41

    this product is still in revision and will be released in the next view days.
    We can implement this function to the new release of this web part.
    07/04/2020 19:54
    Is it possible to change the default backgrounds color and text color or is this something that can be added in a future version?

    If you use a dark theme (dark mode) for sharepoint as a theme the background is white and the text dark grey so its next to impossible to see it.
    Picture to show what i mean.
    Raphael Bloch
    07/08/2020 14:52

    the new release of this web part is planned on 07/09/2020.
    Please have a look at the new version.
    Michael Kirshner
    07/29/2020 20:48
    I really like the web part. However, for me to make this work, I will need to be able to connect the document library to an Embed web part, so the PDF that I select will be displayed. I would also need to connect it to the properties list, so the properties can be set from the record I select. I can do it using the Document Library web part, but I can't search. I really need both. Thank you.
    Raphael Bloch
    07/31/2020 22:12

    the filters / web part connection's are only working with products provided by us.
    If you can share more details by email, we probably can find a way together.
    Joe Lavia
    08/12/2020 12:27
    Hi Raphael,
    Can the field template "fieldname=filter" expression be used with modern SharePoint list web part?
    Raphael Bloch
    08/12/2020 12:41

    the web part can connect with other web parts provided by us.
    What do you like to achive?

    Bob Thorne
    02/09/2021 19:58
    Is there a way to filter between two dates? I've added the following code to my Filter Fields (where my date field is called KeyDate and formatted as a time/date field), but no success: any date entered hides all records, regardless of assigned date.
    Raphael Meng
    02/10/2021 15:56

    To filter a daterange, please use the filter fields web part property with the following syntx: [$FieldName|RenameLabel

    It will creeate a dropdown with predefined filters to choose from and a custom item
    which is configurable by clicking the date icon on the right side next to the dropdown input box.

    Here is an Example of the configuration: Link
    Derek N
    03/02/2021 19:20
    Hi, I'm trying to use the Filtering options but neither the "Items to display" nor "Request Filters" seem to work. No matter what I enter into either field, all list items are displayed. For example, I tried to enter 1 in Items to display and expected to see just one item, but all are displayed. I also tried to filter the Title column with Title eq 'Boise' but all list items are displayed, not just the ones that have a Title of Boise. Is there another setting I'm missing somewhere?
    03/03/2021 07:22

    please update to the most recent version.
    There was a small issue on the "Items to display" option which is fixed.
    We also have added the ability to set a request filter if a list view name is used.
    Kyle Ohmann
    03/11/2021 18:30
    Hello! Love this web part but am having trouble configuring it. Is there any way you could provide more details and examples of what to put in each of the config options? Thanks!
    Kyle Ohmann
    03/11/2021 18:30
    Hello! Love this web part but am having trouble configuring it. Is there any way you could provide more details and examples of what to put in each of the config options? Thanks!
    03/12/2021 10:35

    we are working on a new Homepage with more detailed information and if possible, also examples to look at.
    If you do have specific question / requirement, please let me know and I can assist by email.
    David Paz
    04/01/2021 23:46
    Hi, great job with this webpart. At the moment I am using the webpart in a document library with more than 140,000 items. And the big problem is that, using only the "search box", it takes too long to open or load the web part. More than 15 minutes, and that time in the company they will not accept. Is there a way that the data can be loaded, for each pagination? or is there some other way to handle these very large libraries? Thank you very much for your reply.
    04/05/2021 07:55

    thank you for getting in contact with us.
    SharePoint SPFx Web Part can request 1 to 5000 items a request against a SharePoint list. By default our List Search have a value set to
    3333 items each request. This would result in 43 requests against your document library.
    It is possible to increase this value by the web part property "options": searchitemcount=5000|
    Have you enabled the web part property "cache retention time"?

    This cache option will created an Indexed DB for the Items and will load the items from your hard disk drive if you visit the web part again