Discussion Rollup

The Discussion Rollup Web Part displays the most recent Question/Answers of each Discussion List within the selected Sharepoint Site collection/s and thus gives much better visibility to new Question/Answers published anywhere within the selected site collection/s.

Collect all your discussions within the selected SiteCollections and bring up an overview to your employees


WebPart Properties
Property NameDescription
SiteCollection URLs Enter the full URL. If there should be more then one SiteCollection rolled up, use a semicolon “;” as the separator.
Example: https://bitalus.sharepoint.com;https://bitalus.sharepoint.com/sites/RaphisDev
SiteCollection URLs as Site URL Will just include the Lists within the Sites. (No SubSites)
Header Template Will be used once at the beginning.
FieldTemplate defines the Template with full HTML/CSS support, repeating for each element. ListFields are written with surrounding curly brackets.
Default FieldTemplate shows an example after installation and set a SiteCollection.

All available Fields returns:

{Title}: Question Title,
{ThreadLink}: Source URL to the Thread (Question with Answers),
[ThreadLink/Dialog]: returns a Dialoglink to the current Thread. Set a link text and close the “a” attribute with .(Classic Sites only!)
{AuthorId}:the Author ID,
{Id}:Item ID,
{ParentItemID}:Parent Item ID,
{ListName}: List Title
{ListURL}:Source URL to the current List
{Body}: returns the Body content of the Item,
{EditLink}:returns the Edit form URL to the Item.
[EditForm/Dialog]:the Editform as a Dialog for the current Item. Set a link text and close the “a” attribute with . (Classic Sites only!)
{DisplayForm}: returns the display form URL to the Item.
[DisplayForm/Dialog]: the Display form as a Dialog for the current Item. Set a link text and close the “a” attribute with . (Classic Sites only!)
{Created}: Item created as string formatted, set in the property: options.
{CreatedDiff}: A calculated string output, based on the Created Date/Time and now:
a view seconds ago, n minutes ago, n hours ago, n days ago, n months ago until 3 months, then it will display the date as formatted in the property: options.
{Modified}: Modified date
{Author}: UserName (FirstName LastName) of the User, created the item.
{Replies}: A number of how many replies are counted directly to the Question
{AuthorImage}: the source URL to the UsersPicture of Created
[Icon]: returns “notescallout.gif” with Class: btdr_Icon as image.
[NewsFlag]: returns “new.gif” with Class: btdr_NewsFlag as image, if (based on property: “News Icon on”) Publication is less than 3 Days old.
{DiscussionLastUpdated}: Item DiscussionLastUpdated as string formatted, set in the property: options.
{DiscussionLastUpdatedDiff}: Same as {CreatedDiff} with Values from DiscussionLastUpdated
FooterTemplate Will be used once at the end
Max. nbr. of words displayed how many words would be displayed from the body field.
show html to display the content from the body’s rich text with its html format.
Detail link text If the Body is truncated, it will add this text at the end.
Fields to process are also supported. I.E: [ThreadLink/Dialog](Read more…)< /a>
News Icon on Based on which Field, the Icon should appear (3 Days).
Author Image Source
Choose the Image Source provider: Delve (Needs to be logged in), Outlook (needs to be logged in), userphoto (recommanded!), Embedded (grab the first Body image to display instead the Authors image).
Property Filter Rest API Filter convention.
Example: Created gt “2018/01/01”
Sort by (FieldName) on which list field you like to order the returned result.
Sort by Direction Descending, Ascending
Nbr. of Items per List How many Announcements would be used per List (according the Order and Sort by Options)
Nbr. of Items Total After collecting all List Items, within the selected SiteCollection/s, processing the order By Function, how many items should be displayed as the result.URL
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